27.04.2018 20553

On April 26, a literary evening "Abu Nasr Farabi - an outstanding representative of the world philosophy, culture and civilization" was held at the Students' House in cooperation with the teachers of the Department of Social and Human Sciences and the Information and Resource Center. At the evening in detail was stopped on the life and work of the great thinker, his historical and philosophical works such as "The City of Happy People", "The Book on the Minds of Youth", "Civil Policy" "The Book of War and Peaceful Life," "Introduction to Logic "," Two Teachers "," The Book of Society Studies ", etc. Attention was focused on the thinker's contribution to science and education, pedagogical views on morality and behavior. There were fragments from the works of Abu Nasr Farabi. The significance of the theme of the literary evening was mentioned at the International Scientific and Practical Conference held on April 20 in Kazakhstan. In it, Professor F. Muminova delivered a report "Heritage of Al-Farabi and Dialogue of Civilizations". The literary evening left a great impression on the students.