25.04.2018 14407

On April 19, a meeting of students of the Faculty of International Relations with the officer of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate, the Tashkent City Traffic Police Department, Lieutenant Colonel Eldor Mirboboev was held. Within the framework of the meeting, the representative of the Tashkent State Traffic Police highlighted the urgent issues of preventing offenses related to observance of traffic rules.

Students were shown video clips showing the causes of traffic accidents and the basic requirements for compliance with traffic rules. Traffic regulations are not just a set of road signs, 4 road markings and various identification signs, but first of all the safety of all road users: drivers, pedestrians, and vehicle passengers.

Another issue that was discussed at the meeting was a disappointing statistics of accidents on the roads, including fatalities. These indicators could be avoided by observing simple rules of the road. That is why such meetings with students are so necessary and important. They are called upon to recall that human life and its security often depend on us.