10.03.2016 35519

A public lecture was delivered by the professor of the department of social –humanitarian sciences , Ph.D. Sultanova E.S  on March 10, 2016 . It was dedicated to the topic: "The historical roots of the discipline « National idea: Basic concepts and principles".

For the open lecture there were invited " Honored worker of culture of  the Republic of Uzbekistan, Associated professor  Yunuskhodzhaeva Muborak from TSTU (Technical University ) PHD in technical Sciences, Associated professor  Guzal Rakhmanova,  the head of  the Department of  " Social –Humanitarian sciences " Ph.D., Associated professor  Tursunova Ranohon, associate professor of the same department PHD Usmanova Azizahon.

The lecture was  held at  a high  theoretical and methodological level and it was highly efficient for students