29.03.2018 15641

On March 28, 2018 a festive event "Welcome, Navruz!" was held at the university. The artistic part of the festival was held in the assembly hall with the participation of a theatrical presentation of students. At the festival there were national verses and songs, comic dramatizations. On stage, the performance of "Sumalak in the house of Farmonbibi" was demonstrated, as the personification of the peculiarities of the national traditions and customs of our people.

The festive festivities were continued in the courtyard of the university, where a competition of national dishes prepared by the teachers-curators and students of all faculties was held. Dastarkhan was strewn with impressions among which the leading dishes were from fresh herbs, halim, sumalak, scented cakes and sweets. Competitions on national sports were held on sports grounds. Kites were released into the sky. A festive dastarkhan was set for guests, staff and students.