20.02.2018 11471

At the Legal clinic of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy was held a round-table meeting on the role of the art in shaping up the general overview of the students.

During the meeting famous artist, graphic artist and sculptor Gulzor Sultanova presented a master class on the theme “Law and art”.

Gulzor Sultanova is a very talented artist, and her works are known all over the world.

Her works were presented not only in Uzbekistan, but also in such countries as: Australia, Turkey, Germany, France, Japan, China and USA.

During the meeting was held a lecture on art, graphics and sculptural modelling, besides students had a practical master class on sculptural modelling.

The meeting was held not only to show the connection between the art and law, but also to form student’s sense of art and to develop their motility. Organizers want to prepare more prepared professionals with a good sense of art, ethics, aesthetics and high spirituality.

The 3-5 grade students of International Law faculty of UWED and other supervising professionals of the Legal Clinic participated in the meeting.