15.12.2017 11871

On December 14, in the subject "Pedagogy. Psychology "among students of the 3rd year of the faculty “International Law” a seminar was held. The use of non-traditional forms of training allowed the moderators to consolidate their theoretical knowledge into practice. The moderators of the seminar focused on the psychology of money, the attitude towards money, and also their impact on people. It was noted that these relationships determine success (failure), satisfaction (dissatisfaction) with life. At the seminar methods of blitz-survey, discussion, labyrinth were applied. In the part of the presentation, work was done with visual and handouts. Participants applied their knowledge in teamwork. A business game was held. It contributed to the formation of small groups in which problematic situations were solved, where everyone could express an independent opinion, demonstrate the ability to defend and defend his own point of view. The conducted seminar session promoted the unity of the student team, management of verbal and non-verbal personal abilities.