25.05.2017 24855

On May 18, 2017 the Legal Clinic of the university held a round table with the participation of Azizova Nigina Muratovna, notary of the State Notary Office No. 4 of Mirzo-Ulugbek district, on the theme: "Notarization of rights to inheritance, real estate transactions and other notarial acts". The round table was conducted for all interested students (except first-year students) from the Faculty of International Law. This event was attended by teachers of the Department of International Private and Civil Law - curators of the Legal Clinic.

During the meeting, the students raised different issues that they had faced in the provision of legal assistance to the principals. Moreover, Nigina Azizova talked about the issues that are the most difficult for the notaries to decide. There was also a question about the responsibility of notaries: on what grounds, and under what conditions it arises.

Also, many students were interested in the issue of committing notarial acts for citizens of foreign states and stateless persons. The meeting was very productive. As a result, an agreement on future cooperation was reached.