23.12.2015 36891

23 December 2015 Training Center for interpreters of UWED held its annual scientific conference. This time students’ conference, which is always held in English, called "The Art of Communication." Students from more than 15 universities of Tashkent were invited to the conference.

In his opening speech, the Rector of UWED A.Djumanov noted the importance of holding such events. He stressed that the conference in English, with simultaneous interpreting, provides an excellent opportunity for the students to be well prepared for their future careers. "As for the theme of the conference," he said, "It deserves to continue its study, not only in the framework of the conference, but also more broadly: in the classroom, in student societies, discussion clubs,  and so on."

 The Director of the Center for interpreters Dr. B.Samadov stressed in his speech that the role of communication is growing in all sectors of human communication. He highlighted the importance of getting the students communication skills in an intercultural environment. He noted that this issue is important for diplomats and for interpreters and almost for all who seek to communicate with people of different cultures and various professions.

Participants, enrolled with scientific reports, were awarded certificates and got collections of articles, issued specifically for this conference.