24.04.2017 25983

On April 19, 2017  during the curatorial  hour a discussion  dedicated to the problem of  "Protecting young people from destructive ideas and strengthening young people’s  spiritual immunity”  was held in all academic groups of  UWED.  A lot of attention was focused on the threats that overshadow the soul and consciousness of young people. In particular, the students were informed how through the mass culture many  traditions associated with hairstyles, clothing culture, musical tastes and the growing interest to flash conferences via the Internet can be imposed on them. It was noted that this leads to the formation of predisposition to violence, conformism, individualism and egocentrism among young people.  Along with that, the problems associated with spreading the trends of religious extremism, the ideas they pursue as well as the threats of terrorism were discussed.  It was noted that today among the youth cohort  there are cases when the categories of universal and religious knowledge are mastered incorrectly. It causes misunderstanding of the essence of genuine religious things, the factors contributing to the dissemination of extremist ideas are not fully understood, which leads to the destruction of spiritual immunity.

During the meeting  the moral education of  young people  was emphasized as significant.   At the same time  in-depth study of the aspects of  ideological immunity and ideological struggle was paid special attention. The expansion of students’ interests to science, culture, technics and technologies, as well as new achievements in the production sphere is of great importance. It is necessary to strengthen the policy  aimed at increasing the importance of spirituality, moral behavior and nurturing  of the young people.

The topic of the conversation aroused wide interest, hot discussion and relevant conclusions among students.