25.02.2017 33784

On February 24th , students of UWED held an emotional discussion entitled "Legends of of the wise" within a framework of a month "Amateurs of Navoi" in a  information resource center of the University.The discussion was dedicated to the life and creative  work of  A. Navoi. The students referred to  “Khamsa”,  the masterpiece of Alisher Navoi , which is a part of   the golden fund of Uzbek literature.  In the course of discussion  the excerpts from the book were read and wise recommendations  of Navoi espessially  those which  represent the educational content for the youth were paid spessial attention. Some reflections of the poet on the moral concepts of such as virtue ans vice , creation and destruction, foolishness and wisdom, carelessness and humanity were impotant for students’ consideration.  Some wise words concerning behavior, appearance and culture communication at the University were introduced to students.