28.02.2017 32445

A preventive action devoted to the issues of youth protection from various threats - religious extremism and terrorism, the negative impact of "mass culture", as well as strengthen the national immunity of both students and teachers took place in the Assembly hall of the University of  World Economy and Diplomacy on February the 27th, 2017.

Currently in our country,  the extensive work is carried out on the education of youth in the spirit of love for the motherland, loyalty to the ideas of independence, the development and promotion of national traditions and customs as well as the increase of spiritual and moral values.

The special guests and participants participated in the meeting were the head of the Religious Affairs Committee under the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan Bobojonov Dilshod Sadriddinovich, an associate professor of the seminary of the Russian Orthodox Church Shkvordyuk Oleg Stepanovich, a representative of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan Eshov Khurshid Hurramovich and the Rector of the UWED - Djumanov Abdumalik Abduvahobovich and the professor of the department of social and humanitarian disciplines Rahmon Farmonovich Farmonov.

The speakers gave the definition of the concepts of: extremism, terrorism, nationalism and religious extremism. Also the rapporteurs, evaluated the events currently happening all over the world.

During the meeting it was noted the achievements of our country in the 25 years of Independence, progress in various fields of science, education and the economy.

Given that the spiritual threats spread mainly through the Internet and media, an advocacy for the formation of youth skills in the proper use of a worldwide network is enhanced. This preventive work plays an important role in enhancing and strengthening the immunity of the spiritual upbringing of socially active young persons.

During the meeting the sides exchanged views on the subject.

These activities are designed to strengthen the national immunity and serve as a counter to various negative phenomena, as well as strengthening the sense of belonging to the young people e plight of the country, a sense of pride for our country.

During the meeting, the documentary film "Qiyomatga qolgan qarz " was demonstrated.