23.11.2022 539

On November 21, 2022, a meeting was held at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy with representatives of the leading British center Global Partners Governance Foundation (GPGF). GPGF was represented by Emily Death (Director of the Centre), Müjge Kucukkeles, Noah Tucker, Madina Myngaiymbek and Frank Maracchione. UWED was represented by Akram Umarov, Deputy Director of the Institute for Advanced International Studies (IAIS), Nodira Muhammadkulova, Head of the Center for Energetic Geopolitics of the IAIS, and Gafarov Islomkhon, PhD student at the Department of International Relations.

During the meeting, A.Umarov acquainted the guests with the activities of the University, and also gave detailed information about the work of the Institute for Advanced International Studies. In turn, Emily Death told about GPGF, that this center is one of the most advanced structures in the UK, which specializes in implementing programs for the development of parliamentarism and public administration in developing countries.

It positions itself as a social fund and specializes in strengthening and promoting political institutions around the world. Also, the center prepares analytical reports, makes recommendations to international donors on improving public administration in those countries they intend to help. GPGF has implemented programs in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as in Central and Eastern Europe.

Following the meeting, the parties agreed to start cooperation in the field of international research and implement joint projects.