17.10.2022 1409

On October 6, 2022 the Methodological Council of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy arranged an academic seminar on “Contemporary trends in the development of higher education system: key landmarks and challenges” with opening remarks by the First Deputy Chairman of the Senate of Uzbekistan, Rector of UWED and Head of UWED Methodological Council S. Safoev.

 In the main part of the event key speakers, the First Deputy Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education Karimov K. and Professor of Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies, MHSSE National expert in Higher education reform project («EACEA/Erasmus+») Kasymova N. shared their views on the announced issue with UWED leaders, professors and lecturers.  

In his speech Karimov K.  outlined a number of key global trends and issues in Higher Education (HE) through following prisms: (i) the Academic Revolution, (ii) educational globalization, (iii) internationalization of HE, (iv) transformation towards World-Class Universities, (v) universalization of academic competencies, curriculums and educational programs, (vi) academic mobility, (vii) opportunities and scope of HE, (viii) commercialization of HE, (ix) development of hybrid approaches to HE, (x) skills that important while recruiting new employees, (xi) global Ed-Tech, and etc. Kasymova N., in turn, involved audience’s attention to key approaches and dimensions of contemporary student-oriented concept of HE, the interdependence between its components as “education – research - innovations”, issues of strategic planning in HE institutions, its core tasks and directions, and etc.   

The final part of the workshop was followed by the Q&A session, when participants commented on the topic and shared views on raised issues.

Executive Secretary of UWED MC

Department of Intl Relations,

AP, PhD, Muminova N.Ya.