28.07.2022 1903

The international educational program "Summer University - 2022" organized by the Russian Federation took place on July 9-24. This program was organized by 14 higher educational institutions of Russia, and students from 6 foreign countries had the opportunity to improve their knowledge in various fields of science. Students of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy Dilmurodov Dilmurod, Samandar Sarayev, Mukhlisa Safarova together with the participants of the almanac "Top 100 leading students of Uzbekistan" participated in the "Summer University" educational program organized by Tyumen State University in the fields of law, entrepreneurship and IT. they had the opportunity to improve their knowledge, participate in classes conducted by the best experts in science, and exchange experience with students from neighboring Kazakhstan. Students were able to prepare social projects together and perfect their projects based on the knowledge and experience provided. During the program, students participated in various intellectual games, sports competitions, interactive classes and cultural and art evenings, visited the famous Russian historical city of Tobolsk and several museums of the city of Tyumen, including the museum complex named after I. Ya. Slovtsov and visited the Siberian Entrepreneurship Museum and had a cultural break. At the end of the program, the Rector of Tyumen State University Sergey Sergeyevich awarded all students with certificates. "The international program gave us young people the skills to be aware of the latest scientific achievements and to apply them in practice. In this way, we can finance social projects, implement them step by step, create sites for these projects and, most importantly, create real projects for society. We have developed practical projects that can be a change and improve people's lives in every way. In addition, new start-ups, names and business plans within the field of entrepreneurship; creating innovations in IT and mathematics - the field of engineering; the field of law We strengthened our knowledge in these areas by studying global problems and interpretations of "Human Rights" according to the requirements and conditions of the current period", - Mukhlisa Safarova.