25.11.2016 29500

Associate professor, the head of “International Relations” department Khasanov. U. A made a speech on the topic “ Water problems in Central Asia”. The speech was targeted at an important aspect of security in the region in particular  the issues of managing water problems. In his speech, he emphasized the exact strategies of the country, situated in the upstream rivers of the region, comprising Tadjikistan, as well as the lecturer proposed real actions and measures towards the realization of plans in building small and grand   hydro-electric power station. The important part of the report was devoted to participation of the 3rd countries in the dispute between the countries of the region as well as the position of the Republic of Uzbekistan regarding this issue.

The professor of the department “Practical Diplomacy” A. Faizullaev made a report on the topic “ The opportunities of multilateral diplomacy in Central Asia”. He offered the students to delve into the theoretical approaches of modern schools of constructivism independently. Furthermore, he underlined the practical application of these theories in the context of Central Asia. A. Faizullaev conducted the content analysis of the speeches of the presidents of the Central Asian countries on the sessions of General Assembly of the UN for the last few years. The lecturer came with the conclusion that all of these countries mostly have common problems, which gives them an opportunity to develop dialogue and communication, where a necessary element is a public diplomacy with the participation of the representatives of civil society.

Students and professors of the faculties “International Relations” and “International Economic Relations” took part in the session. After the presentation, guests, speakers and the students moved on to discuss the topic.