26.02.2022 1343

On March 7, 2022, Francis Sheahan, UNICEF international expert on justice for children, will visit the UWED Legal Clinic. Especially for the Street Law team and interested in this topic IL students, Francis Sheahan will hold a round table on the topic: "Ensuring Access to Justice for Children: Topical Issues for Uzbekistan".

The round table will be held in an interactive form, where the expert will share her many years of experience and talk about the general picture of the issue of access to justice for minors in foreign countries, in particular, in the UK. Street Law students will also make scientific presentations, where they will detail their research and contribution to improving the legislation of the system for children's access to justice in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

To participate in the Round Table, students should come to the Legal Clinic (Block A, Room 113) and sign up.

Date: 7/03/2022

Time: 13:30