23.02.2022 1069

On February 23rd, at the University of world economy and diplomacy of industry, a period conversation was held between the presenter of the show "Showman", sukhandon Tolibjon Israilov and UWED students on the topic "The Art of public speaking in personality maturity".

Tolibjon Israilov emphasized that in order for each person to preserve his native land, which was born, he must learn his native language perfectly, there will be different languages from the human genesis, but paying attention to the language, the national language can be forgotten. It is known from history that the art of eloquence originated in ancient Greece and we can make a close example of this-the Sultan of the word property of Cicero Alisher Navoi.

At the end of the period conversation, T. Israilov once again stressed that the personality maturity of student youth and the main strength in the management of any leader is in the power of speech. Chunanchi thus makes a great offer for the future of man, he cannot understand his own opinion unless his question is clear and understandable.

The conversation between the students of UWED ended in the spirit of curiosity with various questions of the students.