24.02.2022 1198

One of the most important tasks today is the creation of additional conditions for the education of young people, the implementation of 5 important initiatives, including a set of measures aimed at increasing the employment of women.

These initiatives include a comprehensive education of the younger generation, meaningful and effective leisure, in particular, the University of World Economy and Diplomacy is working systematically in this direction.  On February 24, a musical night was organized in the Assembly Hall of the UWED for all university students to spend their free time meaningfully.

The best performers of the maqom art of the country and master artists of our country, the grandson of the founder of Uzbek art Tuychi hafiz Tashmukhamedov, master artist Sarvar Tuychiev, Honored Artist of Uzbekistan Toirjon Latipov, the group "Sato" performed a concert "Great Talent and Big Heart".  The performances of the ensemble of musicians "Maqom instrumental performance" are a factor in the further development, preservation and transmission of the traditions of maqom art to the younger generation, propaganda and popularization among art lovers.  Harmoniously designed songs to the words of our great ancestor play a special role in educating the listeners' aesthetic taste, raising the musical level, giving greater respect and attention to the native language.