14.01.2022 692

On January 13 of this year, in accordance with the plan of spiritual and educational activities for students during the winter holidays, the Vice-Rector for Youth Affairs and Spiritual Enlightenment O. Yusupjanov, Department of Spiritual and Enlightenment of Youth  Head of the Department F.Yakhshiyev, Professor of the Department of International Economics, Doctor of Economics  N.Sirojiddinov and tutors organized another online master class on "The role of WTO and WTO membership in the integration of the Uzbek economy into the world economy."

During the master class, N. Sirojiddinov told students about the World Trade Organization, its goals, basic principles, WTO member states, the Eurasian Economic Union, the WTO member states.

He also told the students about the successes and failures of the Republic of Uzbekistan in joining the WTO and the WTO.

 In addition, this master class was full of questions and answers. Students received answers to their questions.

 Overall, the master class was very interesting.