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On 21st December 2016, the meeting of the 5th year students of the faculty “International Economic Relation” with the ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary, doctor of the economic sciences, professor, the head of the “International trade and investments” department Ibragim Rajabovich Mavlyanov was held on the curator`s hour. This meeting was conducted in the framework of the scientific discipline “Economic Diplomacy” which gradually transformed to “Lessons of Mastery” .The mentor shared his advice and experience on the ability to maintain professional stability, the desire to reach goals, the development of intellectual and physical capacity.                                                                                                                     

The meeting was conducted in the form of question-answer session, which the highest focus was on the questions of student problems on the way toward development. Ibragim Rajabovich Mavlyanov put a special emphasis on the issue “In which further sphere can the adjacent skills of students be applicable?”  This question, as he mentioned, should have been put into discussion in the first year of their studies. For the time being, each graduate has to enrich his knowledge and world outlook instantly, read as many books as possible in the sphere of economics. Furthermore, the mentor highlighted the importance of new ideas, new thinking, investments, capital in the pursuit of the economic stability in the family and the country as a whole. The meeting left an unforgettable impression in graduate students as they hoped to repeat such kind of meeting in the forthcoming time.