24.12.2016 30967

          In the framework of the State program "The Year of healthy mothers and children," the final stage of photo contest "Shirintoy Bolajonlar" was held in the Palace of Youth Creativity. It was organized by The Kamolot Youth Social Movement in cooperation with the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan and Tashkent city administration. At the competition photos which depicted the happy moments of childhood, children were exhibited. A separate collage dedicated to modern conditions for education, sports and the arts in the country was created.

          A photo exhibition that is held every two years, aims to support children's creativity and to discover new authors, to enrich the artistic-aesthetic outlook of the younger generation, to develop friendly relations among talented children from different countries. 4th year students of the faculty "International Economic Relations" visited the exhibition under the supervision of curators of the department "WE and IER", Surya Telmanovna Turaev and Gulshan Abdukayumovna Abdurahimova.