23.12.2016 30386

On December 22, there was organized meeting on the theme " Observing rules of the road is our duty of every one of us” with first year students of "International Economic Relations" faculty at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy. Furqat Utbosarovich Islamov, officer of SDRS was invited to this meeting.

There was made an appeal to students who have cars, and to other road users, not to break rode rules and not be indifferent to the requirements of road rules. During the meeting guest gave a couple of examples of accidents caused due to the negligence of pedestrians at intersections, negligence on the motion paths, as well as due to lack of knowledge of road signs and rules.

Officer demonstrated a video on traffic accidents committed by the fault of drivers, pedestrians and car passengers, forced to think the participants of their behavior. He also read statistics on road accidents, gave helpful tips and advice for drivers and other road users, called to be vigilant, and not to break the road rules. This discussion called great interest among students. They used this opportunity to draw conclusion.