18.09.2021 1610

On October 24 this year, an important political process will take place in our country - the election of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Young people, who make up 60% of our population, will take an active part in this election.

The right to vote and to be elected is one of the political rights of every individual. Of course, the participation of the population in a country’s elections directly reflects the political activism of the people of that country.

According to experts, political activity among young people around the world has increased significantly in recent years. In particular, young people are exercising not only their right to vote, but also their right to be elected.

Indeed, as a result of large-scale reforms implemented in our country over the past five years, the political literacy of young people has begun to increase significantly. The establishment of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan and the Youth Affairs Agency, the opening of the Youth Parliament under both chambers, and the announcement of June 30 as “Youth Day” are a great example of the attention paid to youth in our country.

In conclusion, the right to vote is a political right of you, of us, of all of us. We decide our future through elections. Remember, your voice is important for your future.

Dilmurod Dilmurodov,
2nd-year student of the faculty of “International Relations”.