23.04.2021 2494

Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy Gulnoza Ismailova took part in the II International Legal Forum "Tashkent Law Spring". The event is organized by the Ministry of Justice with the support of key partners - the United Nations Development Program, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and a number of other international organizations. Given the current situation, this year the forum being held in a hybrid format, that is, with the direct participation of domestic experts and online participation of foreign guests.

Participating in the session "State legal policy: modern challenges and future trends", G. Ismailova spoke about international relations, new directions and formats in the field of world economy and international law, digitalization processes. In particular, the speech highlights 4 main components of digitalization in international relations:

  • digital diplomacy;
  • big data and data diplomacy;
  • global Internet governance;
  • digital electoral technologies.

It is these components that have the most noticeable impact on the modern world political reality, the formation of a new type of international relations and, in general, the transformation of the international system.

The development of information and digital technologies has paid great attention to the field of human rights. A number of reputable researchers note that a new generation of human rights has emerged - digital human rights.

Digitalization has not only given rise to the concept of "digital human rights", but also contributes to the creation of new mechanisms for the protection of human rights, such as electronic justice.

Based on the views expressed by the participants of the event, suggestions and comments on the development of the system were heard. Today continuing the 2nd day of the forum.