24.03.2021 1706

The British Council project in partnership with the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education "Teaching subjects in English" (EMI) has successfully completed the next stage of the project.

Several webinars were held for the members of the project teams, with the participation of trainers from NILE - Norwich Institute of Language Education (UK).

All members of the UWED project team actively participated in the seminars and webinars. The project coordinator G. Irmukhamedova and an active member of the team A. Abdullaev were included in the national team for the development of the EMI program for universities in Uzbekistan. The UWED team held several seminars for UWED teachers and performed in all webinars with the participation of colleagues from NILE and the British Council.

UWED, as well as every university participating in the project, received books from the British Council to help subject teachers and teachers of the English language in their teaching process. The books are in the UWED library.

All members of the UWED project team received certificates of participation in the project webinars.