03.03.2021 592

The “University Scholarship of World Economy and Diplomacy” (hereinafter the University Scholarship) was created to encourage young people who are advanced in science and actively involved in the social and cultural life of the university.

The quota of the “University scholarship” is allocated one for each course of the direction of the faculties.

Applicants submit the following documents to the faculty council for consideration:

  • an extract from the record book;
  • recommendation of the dean and group trainer;
  • annotations of scientific (creative) works;
  • feedback from the supervisor;
  • review of scientific (creative) work;
  • list of scientific works and their printed copies;
  • щther documents which reflecting the student's activity in the spiritual, educational and social life of the university.

A special selection committee considering the nomination of the University for scholarships twice a year. The deadline for submission of documents after the end of the fall semester is from March 22 to April 2, the term for consideration is April 2-12. At the end of the summer semester - July 20-August 1, consideration period - August 1-10.

More information you can find in the Appointment of the University of world economy and diplomacy scholarship regulations and for its procedure.