08.11.2016 27678

The Round-table on the topic of “Development of entrepreneurial activity and improvement of the system of private property’s defence” was held on November 5, 2016 at 12:00 pm in the hall on “Protocol and etiquette” in UWED. In the course of the round-table the tasks and themes indicated in PF-4848 “About additional measures on supplying the accelerated development of entrepreneurial activity, full protection of private property and qualified improvement of business climate”.

The representatives of the High Commercial Court and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, professors and teachers of UWED, senior science staff-researches, students of magistracy and bachelor took part in the event.

The senior lecturer of “International private and civil law” chamber of UWED Shodiyeva S.A., the deputy chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ikramov A.M., The senior lecturer of “The theory of economics” chamber of UWED Toniyans G.S., the responsible officer of the High Court Bakaev Sh.V. made interesting speeches. The participants received a lot of fresh information, discussed it and got comprehensive answers on all questions.