28.01.2021 2235

The University of World Economy and Diplomacy elected the chair and vice-chair of the "Association of Women Scientists" and the "Girls' Leadership Club" of the "Advisory Council of Women and Girls".


As our President said in his Address to the Oliy Majlis: "We have set a great goal to lay in our country the foundation of the era of the Third Renaissance, for which we must create the environment and conditions for bringing up new Khorezmi, Beruni, Ibn Sina, Mirzo Ulugbek, Navoi and Babur. The top priority for all of us, in order to our youth can set themselves great goals and achieve them, should be providing them with ample opportunities and all-round support. Only then our children will become a great and powerful force that will realize the age-old dreams and hopes of our nation. These words have given our youth a new impetus and enthusiasm. It is no coincidence that our Head of State says that the work of building a bright future and a developed country on the way to the Third Renaissance is impossible without great scientists.

In this context, on 25th January 2021, due to the initiative of the UWED Women and Girls Advisory Council, a pre-election meeting was held with university professors and students on the theme "The role of women in society and enhancing their future prestige". Based on our state's current work with young people in the field of science and education, the purpose of the meeting was to appoint a chairperson and deputy chairperson for the "Association of Women Scientists" and the "Girls Leaders Club" and to consider a long-term work plan. The meeting was chaired by Prof E.S. Sultanova, Chairperson of the UWED Women and Girls Advisory Council. The meeting was also attended by Deputy Dean of the Faculty of IR S. Tillakhojaeva, Head of Department "Economic Theory" L.M. Toshpulatova, Associate Professor of Department "System Analysis" G.M. Raimova, Assistant Professor of Department "International Law" R.Y. Yusuvalieva, Assistant Professors of Department "WEandIE" S.A. Zakirova, S.T. Turaeva and all female students of the University participated in the meeting. Sultanova Etibor Siddikovna, Chairwoman of the Women and Girls Advisory Board of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy, began her opening speech with the following words: "There is a lot of attention in society to the way our President attracts women and girls to the scientific sphere. The Association of Women Scientists holds various conferences and competitions for women and young people at city and national levels. This work is also being carried out and improved systematically at the university. In particular, we need to appoint new representatives of the UWED Association of Women Scientists, as well as a vice-chairperson of the Girls' Leadership Club".

Based on the recommendation of the Advisory Council of Women and Girls, L.M. Toshpulatova, Head of the Department of Economic Theory, was appointed Chairperson of the Association of Women Scholars of UWED and G.M. Raimova, Associate Professor of the Department of System Analysis, was elected as her deputy.

Moreover, Madina Ilmiddinova, a second-year student of the Faculty of International Relations, was appointed as the Chairperson of the Girls' Leadership Club, and Umida Nurmatova, a first-year student of the Faculty of International Relations, was elected as her deputy.

Having resolved organizational issues, the women scientists of our university identified a future plan of actions in preparation for the forthcoming forum "Women Leaders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization". Professor E.S. Sultanova, Chairman of the University Women and Girls Advisory Council, invited all professors, lecturers and students to take an active part in this International Forum.

Association of Women Scientists