28.12.2020 1673

On December 26, Rendez-Vous Inter-University Community, with the support and assistance of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy, organized the Conference on Advocacy for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: Towards Inclusive Education.

The event was attended by the vice-rectors of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy, associate professor of the National University of Uzbekistan, head of the Association of Disabled People of Uzbekistan, coach of the para-Olympic team in track and field athletics of Uzbekistan, representative of the Association of Volunteers of Uzbekistan, master's student of Seljuk University and students of UWED, TSUV and UzSUWL.

During the conference, the topics of inclusion, the true concept of inclusive education, attitudes towards persons with disabilities in Uzbekistan and Turkey, the ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the importance of volunteering were mentioned.

As a result of the conference, proposals were put forward for the adaptation of local universities for people with disabilities, the organization of a special Council on the rights of students with disabilities at the Interuniversity Community, which will actively engage students in student life. An understanding was reached and contacts were established between the conference participants for further cooperation in the field of education, culture, arts and volunteering.