24.10.2016 29312

Scientific - practical seminar on "Intellectual Property: the essence, methods of measurement and regulation" was held on October 24, 2016 at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy.

At the seminar was attended postgraduate students  on "Foreign Economic Activity" and "World Economy", as well as professors of the UWED: Ilkhom Khamidov Erkinovich, lecturer in "Civil Law" department, Rahima Yusupovna Yusuvalieva – the head of department "Government Construction and Law",  Ph.D., Laylo Maratovna Tashpulatova – the  head of department "Economic theory", Ph.D.

During the seminar, I.E.Khamidov, an expert in Legal affairs of UNDP, made a report, which reflected the basic methodology for assessing intellectual capital, the issues of legislative regulation of intellectual property, and also the problems and prospects of development on innovative technologies and their legal protection in Uzbekistan.

The open dialogue with the students was held in the end of the seminar, where participants asked their questions.