28.05.2020 3312

On May 28, 2020, the next “round table” was held in the videoconference mode, dedicated to current topics on the programme of work of UN International Law Commission.

The videoconference was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a cooperation with the University of World Economy and Diplomacy. It was attended by more than 40 experts of State bodies and representatives of scientific and academic communities of the country, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UWED, TSUL, the Lawyers` Training Center, International Law Association/Uzbek Branch and others.

During the round table, the participants discussed the topics “Immunity of State officials from foreign criminal jurisdiction” and “General principles of law”, as well as draft articles and conclusions developed by the International Law Commission related to these topics.

Within the framework of the event, experts in an active dialogue format substantively exchanged views and thoughts on these topics, as well as presented their proposals for further elaboration of the position of Uzbekistan on the documents under consideration of the Commission.

The participants also concurred that the holding of similar "round tables" contributes to enhancing the participation of the republic in international rule-making process, including within the framework of the Sixth Committee (on legal issues) of the UN General Assembly.