13.03.2020 1411

In the year of the development of science, education and the digital economy, the Department of Economic Theory published the monograph “Innovation in the Banking System: Global Trends and Development Prospects in Uzbekistan”, prepared by L.M. Tashpulatova G.S. Tonyantsa and R.A. Djuraeva.

As noted by President Sh.M. Mirziyoyev in a message to the parliament: “We need innovative development like air ... We must deeply master new knowledge and innovative technologies. This will make it possible to follow the shortest path of progress”.

The monographs are devoted to these problems. The monograph revealed and analyzed the global trends in the development of banking innovations, the processes of creation and development of innovative services, as well as the mechanism, development and prospects of the use of blockchain technology, electronic payment systems, fintech and trade finance.

The main results of the activity of the banking system of the Republic of Uzbekistan are also reflected, examples of the use of banking innovations in practice are presented. In addition, the main problems that impede the implementation of innovations in the domestic banking sector are identified, and ways to solve them are proposed.

The monograph is intended for professionals involved in the problems of innovative activity of banks in modern conditions, teachers and students.