07.11.2019 4914

On November 5, 2019, professor of the University of Kent (Great Britain) and the principal investigator of the GCRF COMPASS international project (ES/P010849/1, https://research.kent.ac.uk/gcrf-compass/) Elena Korosteleva conducted a lecture at UWED on the topic: “The EU Global Security Strategy: Resilience as a New Guideline”. The lecture of the well-known scholar gathered a large number of interested people - lecturers, PhD candidates, researchers, students. In the ensuing discussion, she expressed her opinion on numerous comments and questions raised by the audience.

Professor Elena Korosteleva believes that in the new EU strategy towards Central Asia, the term resilience has become essential, covering almost the entire political agenda. It became famous in 2016 after the EU Global Security Strategy and was the defining principle for the revised EU Strategy for Central Asia in 2019. She mentioned new opportunities, as well as problems associated with the creation of new partnerships after the announcement of the new EU strategy.