26.05.2016 35691

On the 25th of May, 2016, the last stage of the exhibition of presentations was held on the basis of work “Serving in the path of happiness and great future of our motherland is a top value” by the President of Uzbekistan I. Karimov at the chair’s hour. The students of each faculty, who were the winners at the beginning of April and May, took part with their lectures at the ceremony. The juries wereappointed in order to mark the creative performances of students. They were headed by R. F. Rakhmanov, who is the professor of “Social – humanitarian subjects” department.

During their performances students displayed the creative features, essence of this work, analytic approach and opining independently. The 4th course student of “International Economic Relations” faculty NurilloAbdunabiev paid attention to the economic perspectives of Uzbekistan. He put emphasis on family institution in the development of the country, on the models of economic reforms and, especially, told about the role of this institution in the book. The 2nd course student of “International relations” faculty A. Fozilov emphasized the social- political processes and their comparative analyse reflected in the  book. Presented many proofs and evidence.

At the formal end of the exhibition the lectures of participants were assessed. Winners were found out, their performances were awarded with nominations. According to the juries, the first place was given to HabibullaAhmedov, 3rd course student of IR faculty, the second place was given to AkromFozilov, 2nd course student of IER faculty, the  third place was given to NurilloAbdullaev, 4th course student of International Law faculty. OybekKholmurodov, 3rd course student of IL faculty, was found as “the best eloquent”, SayyodIsmatullaev, 4th course student of IER faculty, was found as “the best commentator”, SherzodKhaitbooev, 2nd course student of IER faculty, got the nomination of “the best presentation”. The nomination of “the smartest student” was given to BobomurodMuhiddinov, the 4th course student of the International Relations faculty.