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A meeting was held on 20th of May 2016 in the meetings Hall of UWED on the topic "Human Trafficking - a harsh crime that chooses neither place, border, nor nation." The guests of the round table were a professor of the Academy of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan Matchanov A., Assistant of the Attorney of Mirzo-Ulugbek district, lawyer of 3rd degree Inoyatov Sh., Associate professor R. Yusuvalieva, UWED.

The main purpose of the event was to provide information to participants about the measures, implemented in the country in the prevention and fight against human trafficking, a number of treaties and agreements concluded with foreign states on combating human trafficing, clarifying the purpose,  nature and the values of the law "On combating human trafficking "and other laws in this area. Reports were presented on the topics: "The international fight against human trafficking", "Human trafficking - a harsh crime that chooses neither place, nor border, nor nation," "Human trafficking - a threat to individual rights and freedoms."

The speakers at the event noted that inter-state cooperation is important for the effective fight against human trafficking and extensive work in this direction is being conducted in our country.

It was also stressed that the need for vigilance and care, uncompromising fight against human trafficking and other transnational crimes that threaten the security of our country and society, and in this regard the interaction of state bodies, carrying out activity on the organization of the fight against human trafficking was strengthened.

Also a meeting on this subject was held in the UWED Assembly Hall on May 23, 2016, where the Head of the department of spiritual and moral education of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education of Uzbekistan – M.Kamilov, Head of the Department of the Republican center of spiritual education – Z.G’affarova and senior inspector of the Department of Internal Affairs of Tashkent – M.Rozikov made speech. The speakers stressed the importance of combating human trafficking crimes.

The event was widely covered in the media.