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Тамбовский государственный университет имени Г.Р. Державина приглашает студентов Университета мировой экономики и дипломатии принять участие в Фестивале «Великие подвижники земли русской» (ноябрь-декабрь 2021 г.).

Former Ambassador of Canada to Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras visited UWED

On October 27, 2021, at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy, a meeting was held with Neil Reeder (USA) - Vice President for Government Relations of the B2Gold Mining Company, the former Canadian Ambassador to Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras, who arrived in Uzbekistan as international observer for the presidential election.

The fate of our mother tongue is in our hands!

Language is a symbol of country’s power and authority. On the 32nd anniversary of the status of our mother tongue, the symbol of our national and cultural wealth, statehood, pride and honor, is widely celebrated at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy under the motto "The fate of our mother tongue is in our hands!".

JIDU rektori tabrigi

Barchangizni eng ezgu qadriyatlarimizdan biri bo‘lmish ona tilimizga davlat tili maqomi berilgan qutlug‘ sana – O‘zbek tili bayrami kuni bilan chin dildan tabriklayman!

"Central Asian Youth Dialogue" was held in Istanbul

A third-year student of the Faculty of International Law of the UWED - the UN Preventive Diplomacy Ambassador Abu Tolib Giyosov took part in the “Central Asian Youth Dialogue” in Istanbul on October 12-15, 2021, organized by the initiative of the UN Counter-Terrorism Office.