News and Events

It’s necessary to be a real master of your profession!

On 21st December 2016, the meeting of the 5th year students of the faculty “International Economic Relation” with the head of the “International trade and investments” department Ibragim Rajabovich Mavlyanov was held on the curator`s hour.

Happy moments of childhood

In the framework of the State program "The Year of healthy mothers and children," the final stage of photo contest "Shirintoy Bolajonlar" was held in the Palace of Youth Creativity.

On the meeting in the framework of “Graduate’s hour”

On the meeting of 5th year students of IER faculty with representatives of National export-import insurance company “UZBEKINVEST” and "UZBEK INDUSTRIAL AND CONSTRUCTION BANK" joint-stock commercial bank held in the framework of “Graduate’s hour”

Meeting-discussion on the issue

On December 20, 2016 a meeting-discussion on the issue «The Constitution is the legal guarantee of the country's development and well-being of society"