11.05.2020 2175

We would like to inform you that our faculty has successfully obtained one allotment of 2020 MEXT scholarship that can be provided exclusively for UWED.

With the recent outbreak of the new coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19), it is not certain that Japan and our university can accept foreign students from the next semester (October) as it is originally planned. However, even if we cannot meet the original schedule, it is highly likely that the program will be realized in a delayed schedule. 

Thus, that it is a worthwhile effort to complete selection process during this hard time.

As you know, our faculty has accepted one master course student with MEXT scholarship from UWED every year in the past 6 years. The next candidate will be the 6th students of this framework.

The candidate must satisfy following conditions.

  • The candidates must get a diploma from UWED before this September.
  • The specialty of the candidate must be economics (not business) and he/she must have high proficiency in mathematics and English.
  • As for English ability, the candidate must earn one of the following test scores: 80 or higher on the TOEFL iBT, 550 or higher on the TOEFL PBT (TOEFL ITP not acceptable), 730 or higher on the TOEIC (TOEIC IP not acceptable), or 6.0 or higher in IELTS (academic module) (Scores must be from a test taken within two years of October 1, 2019.)
  • The very high level of grade records during undergraduate will be required (if not he/she cannot pass the screening of the application documents by the enrollment committee of our faculty.).

For the detailed condition, please check the guideline attached. I’ve also attached the forms of application and research plan which must be submitted by the candidate student.

We would like to ask you to proceed selection of candidate students as early as possible. Please note that the time deadline is very strict. We request you to send us the information (application forms and grade records) of candidate students till “14th of May”. The number of allotments is one. However, as in the case of the last year, it will be very helpful if you can provide us the information of a few excellent candidates of which we can select the most suitable student.

Guideline SG-MEXT 2020