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The "Marketing" department, established in higher educational institutions to assist in the employment of graduates, must seek new approaches to solving employment problems and developing innovative models for job search. Work to assist graduates in employment should be conducted by all structural units of the university, related to the training of specialists.

Monitoring of the labor market and identification of job opportunities for graduates should be carried out by the rectorate, the deans of faculties, graduating departments and graduates themselves.

The study of the labor market should be conducted by the department of "Marketing in 2 directions:

  • a long-term survey designed to determine the need for specialists in the coming years. It takes into account the prospects for the development of industries, the age of the managerial staff, the prospects for their retirement, the study of the possibilities of opening new enterprises, etc.
  • short-term survey, clarifying the data on the needs of specialists for the current year.

An indispensable condition for the systematic organization of such work is both the regular holding of advertising campaigns in printed publications and on television, and the exchange of work experience in the sphere of promoting the employment of graduates among faculties and graduating departments of the university.

Of particular importance in this case are methods that improve the professional level of graduates in the learning process, such as:

  • inclusion of elective courses, that accelerate the adaptation of graduates to the conditions of the employer, in the curriculum;
  • students’ implementation of diploma and course projects in compliance with the potential employer’s assignments and the passage of all types of practices on the job sites in accordance with the specialization;
  • training based on specialists targeted contract training, taking into account the requirements of the customer.

In recent years, the University has been conducting the "Fair of Graduates". In the future, they should be accompanied by the exhibitions of the best diploma works of graduates and the publication of a collection of summaries of the graduates. As a result of such meetings there should be held round table discussions, where the ways and methods of improving the quality of training specialists and graduate work, as well as opportunities to improve the employment of graduates will be considered.

The organization of systematic work on the organization of practices and employment of students, will allow to take into account the current qualification requirements for the speciality as well as make the appropriate changes in the curriculum. This will generally affect the quality of training of specialists. Thus, the close relationship of the university with consumers will allow to prepare specialists adapted to modern working conditions.