The “Multimedia Center UWED” project was approved as the results of the competitive selection of the Academic Innovations Fund at the MHSSE, which organized according to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PP-2848 dated March 22, 2017 "On measures to strengthen the material and technical base of higher educational institutions with the participation of the International Association Development”

The aim of the project is to create and organize a digital multimedia center at the University, which will assist teachers in planning, developing and preparing high-quality multimedia materials to improve the educational process. The center will support the application of new technologies and their introduction into the educational process. Examples of such materials can be interactive training programs, simulation and animation applications illustrating complex theories and concepts, web applications, etc. The center will provide students with the opportunity to perform their tasks on multimedia tools using digital photos, blogs, marketing videos, videos student life, audio exercises for language disciplines. The multimedia center will also support innovative projects for organizing distance learning. If the project can realize its goals in UWED, new teaching methods can be distributed for implementation in other universities of Uzbekistan.

The first part of the strategy is the creation of a multimedia laboratory with several high-performance computers and software for editing photo, audio and video projects. The lab will also include a studio for video and audio recordings and photography. It will also have the appropriate color and black and white printing equipment.

The second part of the strategy involves the organization of a series of training sessions and seminars for teachers on the use of these tools to create innovative multimedia training materials and web applications. To maximize the use of new tools, the project will resort to consulting services from local and international experts. Consulting services will include assistance with the use of new hardware and software and the development of training seminars for teachers.

The third part of the strategy is to evaluate the effectiveness and develop a long-term plan for the use of a multimedia laboratory in the educational process. At this stage, video brochures will be created, application presentations for each faculty of the university and as a whole. Work will be carried out on the preparation of materials, work on the content of the video material.

The multimedia center will contribute to improving the quality of education through:

  • create quality teaching materials;
  • helping students visualize complex concepts and theories;
  • improving language learning through interactive audio and video;
  • quality control through evaluation and feedback for multimedia materials;
  • integration of training materials with practical exercises;
  • use of interdisciplinary training materials;
  • saving time and efforts of teachers and students in the educational process;
  • involving students in a more active educational process and maintaining their motivation and interest;
  • providing opportunities for extracurricular and distance learning;
  • acquiring useful technical skills by both teachers and students;

The University Administration has already initiated new methods of educational process management. In the educational process, the “Moodle” system is used. This is an innovative system that allows you to monitor and manage almost all aspects of the educational process. Another practice that has been adopted is the use of “LaTex” system to create exam assignments. This is a very convenient method for creating individual test questions for each student with their own answer keys.

The creation of a multimedia center is an integral part of the university’s long-term strategy aimed at developing a richer technological learning environment. Given the access of modern students to computers, tablets and smartphones, the successful use of multimedia for learning is an achievable goal. While the University has competent technical staff, external consulting services occupy a significant part of the project.

The main problem that the project must solve is improving the quality of the educational process. The use of multimedia technologies opens up new possibilities in the organization of the educational process, as well as in the development of creative abilities of students. For the effective implementation of active learning methods, a lot of serious work is needed to equip a sufficient amount of computer equipment, as well as to prepare a methodological and information base in the organization of the educational process. This will ensure the implementation of active learning methods in improving the quality of specialist training, taking into account the increased requirements in the market.

Currently, multimedia technology is one of the most developing areas of new information technologies in the educational process.

Our main task is to make the educational process more efficient, accessible and diverse.