Sports and recreation complex of UWED consists of educational and sports facilities, including: gyms, outdoor playgrounds, a 25-meter swimming pool, auxiliary and subsidiary premises - a total area of more than 4000 sq.m

The game room has a layout of the playgrounds for volleyball, basketball, badminton, mini-football. The indoor tennis court is equipped with appropriate sports equipment and equipment. The gym is equipped with simulators to strengthen all muscle groups, develop flexibility and endurance, and, a fixed weight of weights simulators allows you to choose the load within the required limits for each engaged

25-meter water treatment swimming pool, based on special filters and ozone generators, allows having water of the highest quality. Classes in the sports complex, available to different age groups, provide an opportunity to effectively develop such physical qualities as: quickness, endurance, flexibility, strength, improve posture, coordination of movements, and help to master other physical skills in many sports, raise mood, strengthen muscles, increase confidence.

There conducted training sessions as well testing students’ and employees’ physical condition and functional capabilities. Under the guidance of experienced coaches and masters of sports, there are sections on tennis and swimming, as well as on such kinds of single combat as aikido, wushu, boxing, etc. There is also a fitness club.

To visit the sports complex, you can choose the most convenient form: purchase a one-time admission ticket or a monthly subscription.

Contact number: 267-17-20