11.11.2021 3172

The competition is held until November 20 at the faculty stage and until November 25 at the University stage in the following nominations:

  1. “The most active and intelligent student of the year" (according to the specialty), which examines the mastering and participation of a student in the educational process, published articles and thesises , as well as their content and relevance;
  2. "The most active initiative student of the year", which examines the student's practical participation in the social work of a higher educational institution and the activities of other public organizations, the degree of his activity, exemplary work as an initiator, organizational abilities and on this basis the content of the events organized by him, achievements;
  3. “The most active student-innovator of the year", which examines scientific works, inventions, innovative ideas, innovation proposals created by a student this year, their novelty, relevance and scientific significance;
  4. “The most active student-athlete of the year", which examines the achievements and results of a student in international and national sports competitions this year;
  5. “The most active student blogger of the Year", which examines the developments created by him in social networks this year, promoting young students and the level of activity in highlighting the reforms carried out in the higher education system, as well as achievements in this field;
  6. “The most active creative student of the Year", which examines the student's interests in the field of music, literature, art and theater, as well as the results achieved this year, regardless of their chosen specialty;
  7. “The most active student Entrepreneur of the Year” (for women), which examines the achievements of student entrepreneurs, who independently carried out entrepreneurial activities this year, as well as the level of youth employment.