15.11.2018 9810

There will be a meeting of the Council DSc.27.06.2017.Tar/Yu/I/S/24.01 under the UWED on Nowember 29, 2018 at 14:30 in the building B, room 103. On the agenda is a discussion of dissertation of S.E.A’zam on the topic “Transformation of Uzbekistan’s Industrial Policy in the Context of External Trade Liberalization” (DSc) 08.00.09 - on specialization of World economics and the dissertation of N.R.Fayzullayeva on the topic “Reservations in Modern International Treaty Law: Theory and Practice of the Republic of Uzbekistan” (PhD) 12.00.10 – on specialization of International law.

We invite all interested.

Dissertation Abstract - S. A`zam (PDF)

Dissertation Abstract - N. Fayzullayeva (PDF)