Group to promote the advancement of educational environment

  1. Organization of workshops;
  2. The application of advanced foreign experience in the organization of educational process and curriculum design;
  3. Organization of internships and the promotion of graduates’ employment;
  4. Organization of regular guest lectures in the company and others.


Group on events organization of the Association

  1. Organization of the annual autumni and / or spring meetings of the General Board;
  2. Carrying out activities related to the holidays and anniversaries;
  3. Organization of meetings with alumni who have achieved significant success, and others.


Group on Finance and Audit

  1. Organization of the mechanisms of financial and / or technical support to UWED;
  2. Arranging a list of specific projects to finance


Group for the development of the Association

  1. Development of proposals for the development of the Association;
  2. Organization of meetings of the Coordination Council and preparation of materials for discussion;
  3. Coordination of the work and the assistance to working groups in the implementation of tasks and others.


Group for communications and relations

  1. Creating and updating a systematic contacts database of the Association members;
  2. The information dissemination mechanisms (web site) and the Communications among the Association members and others.