Since its formation (23 September 1992) the  University of World Economy and Diplomacy thousands of talented young people graduated from it, who have became successful persons and work in almost all the ministries and departments of the republic, in major international organizations, leading local and foreign companies. This success was possible, also, owing to UWED, which has been holding a leading position in educational field of Uzbekistan.. Each of the graduates possess not only knowledge, but also the unique culture of UWED, the very spirit of the University, through which it turned into a magnet for talented young people from all over the Republic. Today, in the conditions of increasing competition between both national and international educational institutions, the UWED is in dire need of support from its alumni to improve the quality and conditions of education, promotion of a positive image of the university and to ensure constant communication between alumni and the University.

In turn, since graduation not all UWED alumni were able to maintain contact with each other for various reasons. Despite the presence of the desire and willingness to meet with their classmates and friends from UWED, to date there is no mechanism for restoring ties between alumni. Also, the international experience of the establishment of business contacts between different generations of graduates is not put into practice.

Based on the information provided above and taking into account the experience of the leading international universities, the initiative group of UWED graduates of different generations, creates UWED Alumni Association (UWED Alumni) (hereinafter Association).


UWED Alumni Association is a voluntary association of UWED graduates, which should become a connecting bridge between alumni and the University aiming at organizing, coordinating and maintaining constant communication, cooperation and partnership for the benefit of UWED, its present and future graduates.

Goals and objectives

The main goals and objectives of the Association:

  • promote the establishment of business contacts for current and future UWED alumni by providing a platform for meetings, organizational and information support;
  • serve as a communication mechanism, the interaction and coordination of continuous communication between UWED alumni and the University;
  • organize and provide financial, advisory, technical and other assistance for the development of the University by improving the conditions and quality of education;
  • assist future UWED graduates in employment by establishing contacts with potential employers affiliated with UWED alumni;
  • provide an opportunity to graduates of different UWED generations to attend, assemble, and keep in touch with each other through the organization of annual meetings of graduates and other events.

The organizational structure and activities of the association

Based on the mission and objectives, the organizational structure of the Association will include the following institutions: the General Meeting, the Coordinating Council and the Working Group on different directions. The activities of all members of the association is voluntary and will be implemented on a voluntary basis.

General Meeting is the supreme body of the Association, which gathers at least once a year. The general meeting elects the members of the Coordinating Council and hear the report on the conducted work.

Coordinating Council is the executive body of the Association, which defines the development strategy of the Association and ensure its interaction with UWED, determines the main directions of activity of the working groups.

Working Group is a group organized by the executive committee for the implementation of certain short-term or long-term measures and actions.

The association will work with UWED for the benefit of the university, its present and future graduates through financial, advisory, technical and other assistance to improve the conditions and quality of education. The interaction of the Association with the university will be carried out by mutual agreement on the basis of individual approach to each project.

Areas of possible interaction:

  • organization of alumni meetings and other events;
  • creation of a professional alumni to share experience, implementation of joint projects and skills development, including the use of online platforms for communication;
  • organization of meetings and workshops of graduates who have achieved significant success, for UWED students;
  • establishing contacts between students and potential employers associated with UWED alumni, including the organization of training courses and workshops;
  • improving the conditions and quality of education in UWED by financing individual projects under the terms of the transparency and accountability of funds, and others.