Since the foundation of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy thousands of talented young people have graduated from this university and became successful persons and work in almost all the ministries and departments of the republic, in major international organizations, leading local and international companies. This success was possible, also, thanks to UWED. Each of the graduates possess not only knowledge, but also unique culture of UWED, the very spirit of the University, through which it turned into a magnet for talented people from all over the Republic. Today, in the conditions of increasing competition between both national and international educational institutions, UWED is in dire need of support from its alumni to improve the quality and conditions of education, promotion of a positive image of the university and to ensure constant communication between the graduates and the University.

On December 19, 2015, the initiative group of UWED graduates of different generations held alumni meeting where more than 200 graduates participated. During the meeting there was a presentation of the Concept of the UWED Alumni Association. According to  concept, UWED Alumni Association is a voluntary association of UWED graduates, which should become a connecting bridge between alumni and the University aiming at organizing, coordinating and maintaining constant communication, cooperation and partnership for the benefit of UWED, its present and future graduates.

The main objectives of the Association are the followings: maintaining constant communication between graduates and UWED; organization of financial, advisory, technical and other support to improve the educational environment; Assisting the future university graduates in employment; enabling graduates of different generations to attend UWED, assemble and  liase with each other through the organization of annual meetings of graduates and other events.