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22.02.2009 UWED hosts a  meeting with the President of the National Association of Guides of Spain (CEPAFIT) Maria Almudena.

Within the framework of the 3rd International Forum of Guides and "Laboratory of Guides" M. Almudena held a master class  on "Improvement of professional skills and mastery of Spanish-speaking guides. Some features of service of Spanish tourists, " with the participation of the Dean, Teachers of Magistracy, Master's students of the major"Guide and translation", students of 2 courses learning Spanish, as well as students who are taking the course on  preparation of guide-interpreters. The meeting was attended by current Spanish-speaking guides and interpreters of Uzbekistan.

M. Almudena made her presentation in an interesting way, sharing her experience as a guide and tour leader, focusing on basic qualities of  guides, stressing on  how to overcome some problems that arise during the work, etc. Then the participants of the meeting asked a lot of questions, expressed their comments. Current guides shared their job experience, gave their advice to studets-future guides.

 The meeting was very interesting and productive.