Department: Practical diplomacy

Position: Docents


1. Name: Potapova  Nelya Yrevna

2. Date of birth: 26.09.1970

3. Contact information (home address, phone number, email address): Uzbekistan. Tashkent, Karasu - 4, 2, m. 321

T. 998-712659028

Mob. 998909223952

4. Education (specialty Diploma of higher education): higher education, teacher of history, social studies, state law

5. University, training periods: State Pedagogical Institute of Syrdarya, 1987 - 1992.

6. PhD, room and specialty postgraduate year award, the name of the Dissertation Council: Candidate of Historical Sciences, 07.00.02 History of Uzbekistan, 2003, the Higher Attestation Commission of the National University of Uzbekistan

7. Thesis: History of Entrepreneurship in Turkestan second half XIX - early XX centuries.

8. Internships, training (name of courses, educational institution, training period): The use of innovative technologies in pedagogy, "Istidot" - Center of Pedagogy at the Office of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

9. Refresher courses on information technology (intermediate) Institute of Management at UWED MFA.;

10. English language courses. Refresher courses. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan. University of World Economy and Diplomacy

11. Knowledge of English and Information Technology (Program IT) Courses Aptech. New Delhi Centre, India

12. Place of the current work: Associate Professor of "practical diplomacy." University of World Economy and Diplomacy Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan

13. Scientific and pedagogical experience: 1990-1991 Teacher. School number 7. Gulistan, Syrdarya region. Teacher of history and social science; 1991-1992 Teacher. School number 2. Gulistan, Syrdarya region. History teacher; 1992 - 1993 Trainee of the Department "Eurasia" Gulistan State Pedagogical University Teacher of Modern and Contemporary History of Europe and America and the modern history of Asia and Africa; 1999-2000 Teacher socio-humanities. Tashkent College of Surveying and Mapping History Teacher; 2000 -2002 Assistant Professor "History of Uzbekistan." Tashkent University of Information Technology Teacher of History of Uzbekistan; 2002-2003 Assistant Professor of Theory and Practice of building a democratic society in Uzbekistan. Tashkent University of Information Technologies Teacher idea of ​​national independence, the theory and practice of building a democratic society in the country, law; 2003-2007 Senior Lecturer Basics spirituality and idea of ​​national independence. Tashkent Technical University Teacher of the idea of ​​national independence, the foundations of spirituality, culture; 2007-2008 Acting assistant professor of humanities. Branch of Moscow State University in Tashkent history teacher, culture, the idea of ​​national independence; 2008 Associate Professor of "History of Uzbekistan, and political science." Tashkent Chemical Technological Institute of Political Science Teacher of History of Uzbekistan, and the theory and practice of building a democratic society in Uzbekistan; 2007 - Associate Professor of "practical diplomacy." University of World Economy and Diplomacy. Teacher history of diplomacy and diplomacy bases (21)

14. Knowledge of English (specify document confirming the level of spoken English): Certificate of proficiency № 0971 course in English & IT skills (Under ITEC / SCAAP programmer sponsored by Ministry of External Affairs, GOI) from Southwest, New Delhi Centre.

15. Additional skills: Successfully graduated from business training, "Marketing: tools and practical skills to work is not market" in the Centre for promotion of small and medium enterprises. GTZ Luso Consult GmbH.

16. Professional and scientific interests: history of entrepreneurship, history of international relations, history diplomacy, entrepreneurship, Politics.

17. Marital status: divorced

18. Children: a son

List of publications assistant professor, Ph.D. Potapova Nelya Jurevna

Number place name, year of publication, Total Number of pages

In collaboration pages

1. Historiography history of entrepreneurship in Turkestan in the late XIX - early XX centuries. (thesis)

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