Department: Chair socially-humanities

Position: Lecturers


Annotation of activities:

Graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities National University of Uzbekistan named. after M. Ulugbek, the department of sociology. After graduation worked in large companies - JSC «Avesta Investment group» Center for Economic Research, InfoCapital Group, specializes in large market and public opinion research. Has experience in several national and international projects. In 2015 has received a master's degree on the Faculty of Philosophy in "information-psychological security of social processes and systems." Thesis: "Environmental Safety in providing water resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan". Since September 2015 working as a teacher of sociology at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy.

Research interests:

global and environmental challenges of our time, water resources, security and psychological security.

Teaching courses:

Social sciences

Main publications:

  1. Экологическая безопасность в обеспечении водными ресурсами в Республике Узбекистан. Сборник Национального Университета, 2014 г.
  2. Водные ресурсы как фактор экологической безопасности. Национальный Университет, 2015 г.