14.03.2019 1027

On March 6, 2019, under the supervision of L.A. Abdullayeva, students of group 1-3А-16 of the International Law faculty of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy visited the specialized orphanage No. 30 of the Department of Methodological Support and Organization of State Educational Institutions of Yashnabad District of Tashkent city. On the occasion of the upcoming holiday Navruz, teachers and students delivered gifts to pupils. The event was organized by the teacher of the English language department Abdullayeva L.A.

At the same time, the department staff held a round table with the participation of about 30 pupils of the orphanage, teachers and supervisers. The senior teacher F. Samarhodzhaeva along with the teachers A.A.Tursunov, S.M.Abdullaeva, S.A.Husanova and students conducted a quiz on the topic “Tell a poem”. Pupils told poems in Uzbek, Russian and English. Winners were awarded with prizes. We should treat children with care and attention, not sparing neither time nor work. We hope that such events will be organized on regular basis.